The Purpose of the GPIGA

The GPIGA’s purpose is to protect and promote the Tribal gaming industry by bringing together federally recognized Tribal Nations in the Great Plains Region who are operating gaming enterprises, utilizing a spirit of cooperation to develop common strategies and positions concerning issues affecting all gaming tribes. GPIGA promotes tribal sovereignty and economic development, which provides a positive impact throughout the communities in the Great Plains area. It draws upon the unique status of those within the Great Plains Indian Nations who have Treaties between themselves and the United States in order to influence and shape national legislation as well as issues affecting Tribal Economic Development.


NIGA Resolution #1-PHX-AM-4-15-09

To Support Legislation Establishing “Native American Heritage Day” on the Friday After Thanksgiving In Honor of the Achievements and Contributions of Native Americans to the United States.

NIGA Resolution #2-PHX-AM-4-15-09

To Call Upon the United States to Defend All Indian Trust Lands of All Indian Tribes from Any Third Party Claims and to Seek Legislation to Address the Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

NIGA Resolution #3-PHX-AM-4-15-09

Supporting Treatment of Indian Tribes as Governments For Purposes of the National Labor Relations Act and Also Opposing Amendments to the NLRA That Do Not Include Protections For Tribal Sovereignty